If you've hung around here for any amount of time, you've probably figured out that I am super passionate about the work of Compassion.

I could talk all day about how great Compassion is (+ I often do as a Compassion Volunteer!) but in brief, Compassion is a unique, effective and overall stellar child development and mission organization. They are committed to holistically caring for the world's most vulnerable children, empowering the Church, and most importantly, to pointing people to the eternal hope found in Christ.

My family's Compassion story is a long one. It started with me begging my parents to sponsor a child on my behalf when I was 12-years-old. Today, I sponsor four kids of my own, and my family has been so blessed to see our global extended family of Compassion children grow many times!

Meet my Compassion kids:

Happyness, Tanzania
This girl stole my heart from Day 1, and has made a trip to Tanzania #1 on my Bucket List. She has grown up so much since I first sponsored her in 2011 and I am so thankful for the joy that she is! You can read more about my journey with Happyness hereherehere and here.

Johnrel, Philippines
Upon coming home from the Philippines in the Fall of 2014, I was ravaged by my experiences in a particular community where we filmed True Story. I began to look for a child from that community to sponsor, and this led me to sponsor JohnrelWhat a blessing and a privilege it is.

Lili, Thailand

I began sponsoring this little one in 2016, out of a heart for girls in Thailand and a need for an excuse to travel there (just kidding - mostly). It was a bonus to discover that she shares my Chinese heritage and that her mom is a Chinese teacher... maybe she'll teach me. 

Lay, Philippines
I also started sponsoring Lay in 2016. Fun fact: She is from my parents' birthplace and her Compassion centre is down the road from where my parents got married!

And the rest of the family:

Bell Bradley, Haiti
We sponsored Bell right after the 2010 Haitian earthquake. This kid shares a birthday with my brother and that must've been a good day because both Bell and my brother are the geniuses of the family. ;) We met Bell on a trip to Haiti in the summer of 2016.

Florianlyn, Philippines
What to say about this girl? My sweet little sister. She was the child that started so much of this for our family... She is the reason we first travelled to the Philippines in the summer of 2011 and had our perspectives totally changed. We visited her again in the summer of 2014. Her Child Development Centre is also the one where the building that Eucharisteo built stands. I have so much love for this shy, quiet girl, and her letters from an entire ocean away never fail to bring a smile to my face.

FredericBurkina Faso
Frederic is one of two of our correspondent children - a child we write to on behalf of their sponsor who is unable to. Here's the thing - not only is sponsoring a child a great way to respond to God's call to love and serve the poor, it's a culturally enriching experience, too! I pay attention way more when I hear "Burkina Faso" on the news, and hearing directly from Frederic how that news affects a young kid growing up there brings a whole new perspective!

JD, Philippines
My brother decided to sponsor JD after he found him amongst a pile of hundreds of child profiles while volunteering at a Compassion event. We sponsored him just in time to meet him during our trip to the Philippines in 2014. I had the privilege of spending an extended amount of time with JD and his parents on a second trip to the Philippines that I took with Compassion Canada in 2014 to film True Story: What God Wants Us To Do About Poverty.

Junior, Honduras
Firstly, this basketball family 100% approves of his t-shirt. Junior is another one of our correspondent children, and he is quite the artist! I always look forward to getting his drawings in the mail. 

Maria, Ecuador
Maria is my mama's long-searched-for birthday buddy, who she found and sponsored at a youth conference where I was making the Compassion appeal. I was blown away by the response... 42 kids were sponsored that morning, and Maria will always be close to my heart for being one of those 42. :)

Patrick, Rwanda
Patrick started out as one of our correspondent children in 2014, but when he became available for sponsorship in January 2015, we [of course] sponsored him! :)

A-Jong, Thailand
Not only is A-Jong from the same city as my Compassion girl, Lili, but from the same centre! We found him quite randomly and knew it was meant to be. :)

Hannah (and Jethro and Krevin, below) are from my grandfather's hometown... I love being able to get to know my heritage through Compassion.

Jethro, Philippines
Krevin, Philippines

Diego, Guatemala
After travelling to Guatemala in 2015, we fell in love with that beautiful country and can't wait to go back someday to meet Diego and Emelie!

Emelie, Guatemala

Jheny, Bolivia
My mama chose to sponsor this sassy-looking little girl to celebrate 13 years at the job she previously had before moving to work for Compassion, and to thank her sweet manager who our family loves dearly!

Linsey, Haiti
We sponsored this girl just in time to meet her on our summer 2016 trip to Haiti. This girl has a ton of spunk and personality and I am thankful she is part of our family!

Rechelle, Philippines
I cannot adequately explain how much of a blessing Rechelle, our LDP student (who graduated in April 2015!), is to me. Seriously, this girl is an inspiration, an encouragement and an absolute light in my life. She is my big sister and not just because we look alike. I love this girl tons, and each time I've gotten to spend time with her I have left inspired and blown away by how this girl seriously lives out Christ.

Consider sponsoring a child with Compassion today. Seriously, do it. It has changed my life in ways that I'm still trying to understand. I've been broken and made whole again in the most beautiful ways, and I've encountered our Creator in world-shaking ways.

Compassion has played such a beautiful part in my story, and I want it to in yours, too.

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